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Famous Dave’s Cornbread Mix and the Legend of Krusteaz Honey Butter

Since the recent self-quarantine due to COVID-19, I have not been hitting up restaurants much at all. I think I went to Chick-Fil-A drive through about 5 times in the past 2 months – that’s about it. My wifey is a bit of a germaphobe, so when I come home from Chick-Fil-A she wants me to take a shower before I eat. If COVID-19 were a dude, I’d kick him in the balls. I have been mostly staying at home, working from home, taking short walks in the neighborhood, and occasionally going to the supermarket.

The last time I went shopping in Walmart, I saw this guy wearing a face mask near the produce section. The dude let out a powerful sneeze. I could tell it was a real wet one. I could see the look on his face through the face mask in mid sneeze (At this moment, he knew he F’d up). The guy looked left and right like he wanted to get out of there but did not want to leave his shopping cart. He wanted to take off the mask, but he did not have tissue and it would look gross. I took a note from Beyonce’s song, “Irreplaceable”, ‘You must not know bout me..‘ I pushed my cart ‘To the left. To the left.‘ Got out of there.

Ok, now we are finally approaching the title of this rambling story. I called my wife on the phone to confirm everything to pick up. She wanted to make some cornbread, so she checked on the computer which brand had the best rating. She said, “Krusteaz Honey Butter has the highest rating.” Whoa! My inner Foodie perked up like Pavlov’s Dogs hearing the bell ringing. I love honey, I love butter and I love bread! That is a trifecta of my food fantasy rolled into one. I scoured the cornbread section…. And low and behold!! Krusteaz Honey Butter Cornbread Mix is sold out! The Original Krusteaz, but it was like the Honey Butter got me all revved up, then stuck me in the friend-zone. I was food friend-zoned! Aside from the Original Krusteaz Cornbread, there was Famous Dave’s Cornbread mix. My wife said to get 3 Famous Dave’s and 2 Krusteaz Original. I threw it in the cart and went home. After a couple of days, the wife cooks the Famous Dave’s. It was incredible. She has not gotten around to making the Krusteaz Original, but the thought of the Honey Butter is burning a hole in my subconscious. And I will not rest until I get it!!

Now, I told this little story to my mom and sister. And as I mentioned on this blog’s about page, I get people hyped up when I talk about food. My mom goes to Walmart and gets both Famous Dave’s and Krusteaz Honey Butter Cornbread mix. (Lucky!) My sister is vegan, and she prepares the Famous Dave’s. Instead of whole milk and eggs, she substitutes oat milk and avocados because she was out of applesauce. Mom is thinking “Ew, oat milk, and avocado in cornbread mix?” Eventually, she gives it a try and she loves it! That’s another score for Famous Dave’s, but the Legend of Krusteaz Honey Butter lives on… How does it taste?

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