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Honored to work with the extremely talented Devon Jackson of NRG Productions to shot a video for the title track "Pennies and Dollars".

Hope you enjoyed Will's intro, which is 100% true;-). He is based out of Chantilly, VA. His latest project, "Pennies and Dollars", is a digital release of 29 original tracks - 7 of which are spoken word. If you get a penny for your thoughts, what do you get for your actions? Putting actions behind positive thoughts, chasing your dreams and being bold in adversity are some of the themes.

A horse or unicorn of a different color describes Will's approach to children music. He utilizes various genres and atypical musical arrangements to form a unifying concept for each project. Balancing lighthearted fun topics with reflecting true life experiences through his art, Will cheekily broaches topics ranging from rainbows, robots, chasing dreams, personal relationships and more.

Will first started writing songs for children while teaching English as a second language in Taiwan for 10 years. While working in Taiwan he published an intermediate book, "Rapping with English" and a series of books for pre-K, "Bobo and Friends", which included 100 original songs. Since moving back to the States, fatherhood has given new dimensions to his compositions.

Will is really proud of the talented crew of musicians who helped express his vision and bring "Pennies and Dollars" to life. The drummer, Graham Doby, has recently opened for George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic. Featured Americana Duo (Ruben Dobbs & Joey Mitchell) "Swamp Candy" lay down country flavor like bacon and grits. John DiSanto plays sax for the Madison Square Garden Company, Swingadelic and other Broadway productions in NewYork... Eugene Iosilevich's warm jazzy keyboard textures... Aaron Sefhick's spicy guitar solo/backing... Joey Baham's power soulful vocal backing... Andrew Griffin's sweltering bass accompaniment... Molly Thornton and Miles Stiebel's saucy violin seasoning... Miles Harshman sweet guitar riffs... Mike Thomas' hearty banjo... John DiSanto's smooth mellow sax... and somehow my funky rough delightful spirit brings it all together. The warm flavors and aromas of funk, jazz, soul, country, Americana are served on a digital platter of sound that will shock and surprise. *Special note: the spoken word tracks near the end of the project are based on true experiences.

"Pennies and Dollars" was recorded at Bach to Rock and Blue Room Production Studios.
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